Why is “Paradox of Choice” for Customers a hot trending topic?

The Paradox of Choice: Will innovators be Forever Delighting or Confusing? Everyone knows that one...
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Discover the Keys to Innovation.

Large, established companies have everything startups want: scale, capital, access to resources and talent, customers, infrastructure, and a global presence.

So why are they being disrupted?  Liguori Innovation specializes in helping established organizations identify new sources of growth for existing lines of business and create new potential categories.

As the Executive Director of Global Innovation at General Electric, Steve Liguori was instrumental in GE’s transformation from a financial services & manufacturing conglomerate to the leading and largest global industrial & technology company it is today.
Steve’s approach goes beyond textbook theories — he incorporates real-world corporate experiences and examples to re-invigorate organic growth and speed-to-market — with outstanding results.

Liguori Innovation teaches start-up principles that promote leadership, speed, and improved customer outcomes within complex organizations. Adapting these cutting-edge new skills while understanding and respecting a firm’s strengths and culture is what makes Liguori Innovation unique.

“If you are looking for leadership and action to accelerate innovation in your firm, Steve is your ‘go to’ expert. He helped advance GE’s critical initiatives over the past decade and his passion for Innovation is infectious.”

Beth Comstock

Vice Chair, General Electric

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Innovation: How Industrial Firms Can Pivot to Digital Business Models

Innovation: How Industrial Firms Can Pivot to Digital Business Models

In an article about innovation at GE, Authors Barry Libert, Megan Beck and Jerry (Yoram) Wind examine how industrial companies can learn to refashion their business models and become digital disruptors. The three co-wrote a book entitled, "The Network Imperative: How...

Network World: Cisco Unearths Its Inner Startup Culture

Network World: Cisco Unearths Its Inner Startup Culture

Today I'm sharing a Network World story about how Cisco awakened its inner startup culture through the Cisco Innovate Everywhere Challenge. The Challenge was the company's first-ever internal innovation competition, designed to spur corporate entrepreneurs to produce...

How GE Plans to Act Like a Startup and Crowdsource Breakthrough Ideas

How GE Plans to Act Like a Startup and Crowdsource Breakthrough Ideas

Last year, the aviation engineers at General Electric found themselves with a jet engine bracket problem. At 4.48 pounds each, the brackets, little pieces of metal that support engine components, were weighing the plane down. Now, in the grand scheme of airplanes, a five-pound bracket seems pretty harmless, but it was a problem nonetheless, and one GE thought was solvable.

Act Like a Start-Up.

Deliver with Scale.

We teach start-up strategies to big companies. By finding patterns in highly complex companies and processes we lead companies to new successes by teaching them to think the way entrepreneurs do.  New approaches and techniques to even the smallest elements can lead to great strides forward in growth and profits.

Discover.  Engage. Accelerate.

Innovation Acceleration

Most companies struggle to find new directions for growth. Liguori Innovation is an agile, strategic consulting firm for organizations seeking growth through innovation. We function as a change agent for companies of all sizes, from large B2B organizations to small start-ups.  With our help, you can uncover hidden patterns and pioneer alternative strategies and techniques.

We identify problems that appear to be “obvious” with 20/20 hindsight — problems you may never have known that you had, but the solutions to which uncover enormous amounts of potential.

If you are ready to experience accelerated innovation at your corporation, contact us today!

“You can’t just do innovation in the vacuum of the R&D labs or the engineering labs anymore. This comes back to the cultural imperative to get everyone involved.”

– Steve Liguori

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